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Originally Posted by simmmo View Post
What problems?

A blind two fingered fool can fix them no need to go back to Shaun at all, that is his whole build ethos.

That's good to hear & are you Andy by any chance ?

Originally Posted by NeilM View Post
I'm puzzled why you think a rifle will need to go back to the manufacturer every month just because you are only shooting at weekends. I know Pro-Targets that have gone on for years being used that way.

Anyway, I have a TM1000, and I am mighty impressed by it. It is not a very sophisticated looking rifle, it looks very much as you would expect, given its Theoben Rapid 7 ancestry, but, it is well balanced, lighter than it looks, at least in the walnut stock, easy to use, unfussy with pellets and most importantly it is consistently accurate.

I have only briefly shot an Airstream, and it was in need of a good service at the time (which it has since had). The trigger was an Anschutz, so is about as good as it gets, but in many other respects, including general proportions, it was not so different from the TM.

For some, a change of stock is essential to get the best from the TM. I am considering making a new cheek piece in order to get consistent comfortable eye relief, but I am very much a Pro-T / EV2 / Walther Dominator laminate stock fan, so I am biased. In reality, with a little adjustment the TM can easily be adjusted to suit, then put a knee riser on it and Bob's yer wossisname.
Neil, I was not under the impression that I would have to send it off regularly, I was told advised that it could happen.

I didn't think for one minute I would be & took it with a pinch of salt but I still had to ask, the best info comes from guys who actually use the rifles I have mentioned, not by the haters or biased ones.

This is why I posted this thread, believe me I did hesitate in doing so because I for one am not questioning the ISP or indeed the TM1000. Rifles of this calibre are not cheap & I would expect them to both be pretty reliable.

You do hear 'horror' stories regarding a lot of rifles & I just wanted to be sure I was making sound choices before I committed, that's is all.

It's ok people say try as many types of rifle you can but some rifles are just not generally seen at a lot of clubs, so when you do start looking at buying something like these two it makes sense to ask those in the know the pro's & con's first.

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