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Originally Posted by Marrr View Post
Haven't a reg tester so we're would I buy a new one from
See post 4 mate....Benke do them and i can also get through a mate in the Netherlands. Some Steyrs can be a bit of a sod to get to settle but mine took over 4 years since the last service before i noticed grouping issues. So busy servicing other people rifles that i'd let mine go too long between fettles. Easy guns to service and set up with only the odd little trick here and there to get them set up properly so that the roller/cocking lever lasts a long time, shoot sweet and you get long intervals between needing to service.

As Rob has already said....It's quite common to need shims in the regs and i also find that they will creep a bit but really don't think a few bar will make any difference at all. a few years ago i had 3 regs set up for 70 , 85 and 100 bar and tried each for 6 months. I didn't detect any real difference with any of those pressures but settled on 85 bar + maybe 3 bar max as my benchmark. Not really scientific but i just thought my particular rifle 'felt' better with the reg at this pressure and got less creep when setting up.....approx +2 bar in 1 minute.
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