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For FT low is not so good . for HFT yes . you will be shooting for a long time in FT . you need to be as relaxed as possible when shooting . not scrunched up . a high cheek piece will give you a head up position . which means the wind pipe and the nerves in the neck are not twisted over . between three to four inches , line of flight to line of sight is good over the knee. also for standers and kneelers . this requires a good quality scope to make sure it returns to zero on the close ones . i have had all the heavy scopes Nikko . PM11 . yes they are good and range well . but for me they unbalance the rifle . too much weight up top and forward . for me up until recently i would have said my fave was the lupe 20=50 . but the march is def better . dearer but better . having said that i am not getting rid of my lupe . just got another rifle to put it on . ??? HOLLY

PS by the way you don't have to use it on 60 mag . i use mine on 30 to range and 25 to shot . beautiful and clear on those .
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