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I honestly haven't found one.

All my steyr regs crept when set to 85 ish. We had 2 new ones and one second hand. we picked the best one...the newest new one... it took 4 mins to stop creeping. From memory it got within a bar within 25 secs, but wasn't the fastest getting there. So it got pulled apart. What Steyr seem to do is shim the stack to get it up to a desired pressure. What we did was remove the shims, then set the reg so it stopped creeping and closed quick. Like a second quick. But the pressure could be way lower than you want... mine was something around 60-65 bar. We worked out that we needed more shim than it was carrying originally but didn't have any, so we added an extra belleville washer which gave us the preload depth we were looking for and i think around an 87 bar settle which closed fast and didn't creep.

Dunno, still playing with them. Not saying 82-85 isn't right, if it stops there then it's probably a good place to be, but all i'm saying is this magic number may be a red herring and it's the reg's behaviour that may be equally important as at that pressure it may creep....

Saying all that, we're not actually sure what a few bar variation does to the shot... and how much variation you can get away with. And we're also not sure how much the springs in the valve can compensate for a reg that trends as the cylinder pressure changes.

And we're still not sure how much the opening behaviour can vary the reg's behaviour as well. We can spot a sticky reg with a light actuation of the tester... and sticky is something else entirely, but we're pretty much getting into testing on actions so we know the duration and strike of the valve is real world and a lab reg tester which may be different.
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