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Originally Posted by Sake-San View Post
I am considering the above as a lighter weight option on my springer FT rig, having tried the Sightron FTIRMH which is excellent optically, it is just too heavy and upsets the balance too much (have tried hanging / placing more weight lower down but, it does not help much).
The options weight wise as I see them realistically are:

Bushnell 8-32x40: great scope but, very tricky beyond 50yds
Leupold Comp: not sure I can shoot on 40x (esp. Positionals)
March 10-60: but, is the temp shift predictable/manageable?

The FT discipline is rather underdeveloped here in France so difficult to garner much feedback.

All constructive inputs welcome and thanks in advance.
So far the only real shift i have found is in very cold weather . getting down towards zero , where it will go about three yards long . i just knock it down to the next range below . EG if it reads 47 , i dial up 45 . no probs really . but saying that you need to remember it . it caught me out sunday at a winter league comp . got to a lane with a long diagonal shot of to the left . in a clearing with a good wind coming through it . ah ha i thought , the course setters revenge here . anyway ranged it as 54 yards , dialled it up gave it two inches of wind , shot as it was dropping and DINK . it hit dead center but half inch high . grrrrr . i had forgotten to take it of . would have got it on 50 yards . oh well . good scopes . light strong and ED glass . the ret is quite thin , but i have never lost it . Luck HOLLY
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