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Originally Posted by herx77 View Post
Whats wrong with 'chillie sauce', you lot of pansies,too hot for you?.
HERX77 .
Oh contraire cockle!!
Chilli has it's place, but condiments may not detract from the essential character of the basic catering burger.
Unless contained in liberal lashings of dynamite hot chilli-con-carne, chilli is deemed to detract from the overall character of the burger rather than enhance it.
The animal we are discussing here, are the offerings of the out-side event catering unit, rather than the domestic, or food chain varieties.
One non-descript meat pattie, catering sauce, no lettuce, no pickle, optional egg, bacon, cheese & onion, slung in an out-of-date bun.
A concept as far removed from a Big Mac, as KFC is from Chicken Kiev.
There's been so much interest in the art of burger tasting, I feel it may inspire a major movement at some future point, but using chilli sauce may adversely impact on such an outcome.

Keep on burglerin'

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