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I had mine done in America just before Christmas Target Dot to Duplex - $60 inc return postage
took about 3 weeks

I originally tried HAROLD ROS but he has retired
I wrote to Sweden but they coud not do anything for me as I was outside their catchment area....

However they forwarded my details and request to Leupold Europe (in Germany) and I got the following reply

On 25 September 2015 at 08:16 Daniel Schuldes | Outdoor-MI wrote:

Good Morning Mr. Long ,

Our distributor in Sweden forwarded me your below request. My name is Daniel Schuldes and I ́m in charge for Leupold sales in Europe.
Unfortunately I do not know if Gyttorp send you an answer if so fine if not I would get you a short update. They do the service in Scandinavia only. Because of the US export regulations Gyttorp for example canít send scopes around Europe. They need a special re-export license which they have for the scandinavian countries. It will be not possible that they do the service for all European countries.

We are working on a new master service centre in Germany.
This service centre will be ready at the beginning of 2016.
We apologize the current situation.
Is there any problem which you need to be solved today , the only option is to go the normal way. Get your scope to your dealer, the dealer will send it to GMK that is your distributor in the UK . GMK can send the scope back to the US, they do the service up to the time where the German centre will become available again.

I contacted Leupold USA direct using their Leupold Site that has all the information and contact details etc.
It was painless and easy.. A word of caution don't ring (you will end up in a queue) comunicate through e-mail it is easier that way

If you e-mail Daniel Schuldes he may be able to help if you want to deal with Europe...


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