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As a follow up to Nevs earlier post I have been messing with O rings in one of my 10x42 S111 Sightrons, mainly because I am loaning the eldest daughter one for HFT, and didnt want her to fall foul of a moving turret and knocking her confidence.

I have found that one 19 x 3mm O ring fits very nicely over the adjuster housing with the turret removed, and a smear of Molykote on the inside of the turret gives about the same stiffness as an EB sniper turret. I have also tried fitting two O rings and this makes them almost impossible to move accidentally without firmly gripping the turret, but the click, although usable is not as distinct.

I think Nev used a 22mm x 2.5mm O ring. The actual diameter where the ring can sit is 22mm and the inside of the turret is 27mm. Obviosly fitting a 19mm x3 means that it stretches to 22mm and reduces in width slightly and gives a similar outcome.

I think we may have found a cure for the only real grip of a superb scope for HFT.

Oh I checked and the tiny screwdriver handled hex key I bought for mine is an imperial 0.05" , made in the USA by Bondhus, bought from the auction site for about 4 if I remember rightly.

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