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Originally Posted by Gunit-006 View Post
I'm still new to this... so its very interesting to read you're comments.
I think unfortunately your original thread has been hi jacked by some "friendly banter".

Original question "What have been the changes from LG300 to LG400 - I wouldn't know only had two LG300's and not a LG400 but I think the original commenter Jon - would know as he is recognised as one of the leading air rifle conversion specialists in the country - I think the point he was making is that the Walther has not advanced in recent years like say a FWB or an Anschutz - Not that the Walther was a poor gun. A quick search shows current 10m World leaders seem to mostly shoot FWB - if that tells anything relevant to 16j FT converted kit.

My two Dominator LG300's shot differently but well - but not as well my 9003 that said they were better than my two ISP's, one in a stock "lovingly" engineered by the said Mr Jon H. But to give them credit I think by the time I got them they were both due some work by Shaun at ISP.

The Mick referred to in this thread is I believe Mick Trowmans another well regarded name in the Air gun fraternity.

My advice if you fancy the gun and its at a price you can manage then get it! I have worked my way up and back down the air rifle exotica ownership league over the last couple of years and enjoyed every step!

FYI if you have not already sourced one - there is a LG400 for sale on Gunstar at reasonable money at the moment, of course it would need work to get it from 10m to FT

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