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Originally Posted by Welsh Wizard View Post
I wonder if any of them scouts have shot "live" animals?
Are not some of the Hft style targets things like "Woody" from toy story and other cartoon characters? Not a fan of an airgun being pointed at any humanoid shape I must admit.
I tend to agree in some instances that the shape we shoot at is not 100% important, though it can make it more interesting?
ie. long range target in wind. If its a rat, there is about 3 inch of plate to hit, if you miss the paddle. Now those Hft (Starling?) style targets with 10mm or so, that makes it a far trickier next target if you hear no "dink"

I shoot at rectangular re-setting plates far more than I do animal shapes, but that's on club days / in practise.
Being old school, I like shooting at animal shapes, the last two were (T5) Birds 47 and (T6)42m, painted yellow, hope they were not canaries?

We have 10 Square /diamond / Round knockover targets but I never really feel its "FT" when I am shooting these, so I tend to only use them on our completion course when I have to, usually discipline lanes.

Many Uk clubs are small and probably don't have the funds to replace targets, I cant see the time and effort to just replace faeplates working either.
The change over to non animal could happen, but it will be slow, 10 years or more?.
Interesting thing reading about the scouts.. When i was in the scouts we got to gut a rabbit which involved chopping its head off and removing all its limbs then peeling. once pealed it was then flicked upside down where all its guts came out and then you poked its bum hole through with your finger. The head came of quite easily as it had obviously been snared and then hung and carried by the neck. Interesting that the youth of today would have to hunt squares and circles come the zombie apocalypse guess they would be going hungry.. But on a positive note we would all be safe from the zombies as they're used to shooting them with a shotgun on play station sadly on a negative note they would be good at murdering and stealing as they will be well educated in that field as well thanks to grand theft auto.
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