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Originally Posted by what barn door View Post
Not wishing to engage in an argument with you Mr P, but if George did go around a competition on the look out for the most effective gun etc, he is unlikely to spot many protargets or RN10's.

The other guns you mention have earned their place as the guns most often used or recommended. If funds are available and one of those more expensive guns is bought and used it can work out cheaper than buying several guns on the way up. But budget should always dictate the final purchase.

Therefore I think the earlier advice of going out and asking and watching what else is being used is very good advice.
Hi Mr Barn door
Totally agree with you which is kind of my point you will probably not see a PT in any of the best shots hands but there are around 2000 of them in circulation which puts them in in ideal place for any beginners or some one with a limited budget.

George as a beginner to the sport there is a couple of questions you need to ask yourself
do you want an hobby with the odd competition thrown in or do you want to be a competition freak like some of us

If it is the first question pretty much anything will get you by providing you accept you get what you get

If it is the second question something along the lines of an Air Arms S400 really basic but up to the job PT or a Steyr maybe Walther or Air Arms EV2 depending on budget but as the guys have said you need to try as much gear as you possibly can.

I have been in the sport for 20 years and have owned or shot most of the above with various degrees of success, the saddest part of the sport you get a newbie come along have look what the top guys are using
go and get their wallets out in some instances part with 2000 plus and expect to be the next world champion, this will not happen without a lot of practice.

The most important part of your gear will ultimately be the scope you put on the rifle again this is a very personal choice with you simply not getting on with some scopes

Jerry D from Sywell and the other guys will point you in the right direction for sure hope you stick to and enjoy the sport, final warning IT IS VERY ADDICTIVE

Kind regards
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