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Originally Posted by chloe View Post
At London one of the hottest tickets was for the Archery. Which was shot using scoring rings , if any image of a animal was used seats would have been empty.
Target archery is an Olympic sport. Field archery is not an Olympic sport but still remains hugely popular in the UK and worldwide, despite using animal shaped target faces, or in the case of 3D archery, realistic foam replicas of animals including rare, exotic big game creatures. Not a uniformly coloured silhouette vaguely resembling the outline of a common pest species. This also despite the fact that hunting any animal with a bow or crossbow is illegal in the UK.

I don't believe seats would have been empty for a second. I think people mostly understand the difference between real and not real. Huge disgust at the death of "Cecil" the lion. Some arrows/pellets shot at inanimate foam or metal shapes that resemble creatures... not so much.

There seems to be a taboo in certain places about human shaped targets too, but then you have paintball where aiming at actual humans is required and people are fine with it.
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