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Originally Posted by Dave Ramshead View Post

I know of 2 clubs who have been told in the past that to run a shooting club on Scout Association land, you can not shoot at human or animal shaped targets. Both clubs involved had to modify their targets at the time so they didn't look like animals.
Yes, there is the humble beginnings of the sport that some cling to, shooting at shapes of typical pest species, but it ends there. We compete with airguns shooting at paddles within a face plate. Its not hunting, its a target discipline.
If you ask most shooters what shape of target they last shot in a competition, they wouldn't know, because the plate just isn't important, they are too busy trying to make sure they hit the paddle.
Such a small change could make our sport a whole lot more bearable for years to come, or at least make the antis who hate any form of shooting a lot more visible by taking a reason to hate us away from them.
Worth a thought at least, regardless I will be down the club most weeks trying to hit the paddles with whatever plate surrounds them, the plates just aren't important.
I wonder if any of them scouts have shot "live" animals?
Are not some of the Hft style targets things like "Woody" from toy story and other cartoon characters? Not a fan of an airgun being pointed at any humanoid shape I must admit.
I tend to agree in some instances that the shape we shoot at is not 100% important, though it can make it more interesting?
ie. long range target in wind. If its a rat, there is about 3 inch of plate to hit, if you miss the paddle. Now those Hft (Starling?) style targets with 10mm or so, that makes it a far trickier next target if you hear no "dink"

I shoot at rectangular re-setting plates far more than I do animal shapes, but that's on club days / in practise.
Being old school, I like shooting at animal shapes, the last two were (T5) Birds 47 and (T6)42m, painted yellow, hope they were not canaries?

We have 10 Square /diamond / Round knockover targets but I never really feel its "FT" when I am shooting these, so I tend to only use them on our completion course when I have to, usually discipline lanes.

Many Uk clubs are small and probably don't have the funds to replace targets, I cant see the time and effort to just replace faeplates working either.
The change over to non animal could happen, but it will be slow, 10 years or more?.
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