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Originally Posted by roger View Post
I have bought the gun and shot it today, first impressions shoots spot on and the trigger has helped me solve a problem as others on here have stated. I find the triggerjust lets off without thinking about it. hopefully not to many pulled shots in the future.
Hi Roger, once you've had the rifle a few months please give us some feedback.

Missed your original post so apologies for that. I was sponsored by Daystate a few years ago and had a Platinum and a MK4is (in a GP stock) to shoot in HFT comps for a season. i found that they were one of the best grouping rifles i've owned but i just didn't like the feel of the trigger at all. I went from Steyr to Platinum and then back to Steyr and i think the trigger feel is purely down to individual opinion. IMHO the Electronic trigger does the job but for me, just doesn't give the shooter the feedback of a mech trigger...really difficult to put into words but i think Dave got the closest with 'it just goes'.

There were 3 or 4 that got Platinums to shoot but we all found the same thing. Great on the zero range but always a few targets down from your normal score. I suspect it was down to the electronic trigger encouraging a 'snatch' technique but also down to the firing cycle being 'snappy' with a percieved kick rearwards. For HFT comps i found i missed easy shots whenever i rested the stock on something and almost had to shoot as if with a springer???
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