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Field Archery has absolutely no issues with 'sport image'.

Admittedly the international competitions are all shot to a slightly different set of rules, but within the NFAS (National Field Archery Assoc), an organisation with (the last time I saw numbers) a membership of something like 8,000 and who regularly have 1,200 competitors at the two National annual Championship shoots, only animal shapes or animal picture faces are shot.

As for the Scouts, they have been PC about animal shapes for as long as I can remember, so you cannot take them as representative of the general population, who, I believe neither know nor care what we do with our rifles in the woods.

And lets not get into the misinformation war that is the hunting with hounds ban. Killing animals with 'packs' of dogs is illegal, riding a horse flat out over fields like a loon, jumping anything in your way is not.
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