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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
If it's the image of the sport you're concerned about, I suspect it's the GUN's that offend the PC brigade, not the shape of the targets.

You'll never please those fecktards, I wouldn't bother trying.
OK my friend, I'm just going to run this one by you, it just may make the 'balls to 'em" type people think and consider a wider perspective for a min or two.

As much as we love our sport and defend it to the last, do you think its going to go much further as it is, especially considering the stereotypical anti gun/shooting culture we have?

Who would have thought foxhunting would have been taboo'd, with all its high powered wealthy set behind it and being considered a way of country life? Certainly not the hunt set!

Like it or not, there are very powerful people with mega influence who have enough power to block the development of a target sport, just because they don't like the image of it.

I know of 2 clubs who have been told in the past that to run a shooting club on Scout Association land, you can not shoot at human or animal shaped targets. Both clubs involved had to modify their targets at the time so they didn't look like animals. People with power eh!

Yes, there is the humble beginnings of the sport that some cling to, shooting at shapes of typical pest species, but it ends there. We compete with airguns shooting at paddles within a face plate. Its not hunting, its a target discipline.
If you ask most shooters what shape of target they last shot in a competition, they wouldn't know, because the plate just isn't important, they are too busy trying to make sure they hit the paddle.

Such a small change could make our sport a whole lot more bearable for years to come, or at least make the antis who hate any form of shooting a lot more visible by taking a reason to hate us away from them.

Worth a thought at least, regardless I will be down the club most weeks trying to hit the paddles with whatever plate surrounds them, the plates just aren't important.
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