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Originally Posted by georgeft View Post
thankyou adam which gun would you choose for someone hopeing to progress in the sport
keep an eye out for a used Air Arms Protarget or Air Arms RN10 (actually one and the same protarget being the posh newer name)
These where made from around 1996 until i reckon about 2005 everyone i have seen and shot have been sorted IE they are as good as anything on the market and you should find a decent used one from around£400+
you will definetly get told to buy Walther, Steyr Airarms EV2 but the above is just as accurate and less than a quarter of the price of some of them excellent FT gun all round
The best advice i will give you is find a local competition and go and look what the boys and girls are shooting especially take notice of the people that are actually hitting most things not the ones that talk the talk



Don't stop asking and has you now know don't buy before you ask
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