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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
Who ever it is they need to be brought to the attention of the grading officer oh hold on a minute
Why would I want to know Pratinator, I know the rules. Nowt wrong if there is genuine reason and rules are followed, but then again rules are not always enforced.

Originally Posted by buzz View Post
It may not be against the rules,but i think it should be.i will have to get our club rep to propose it.
No point really, as the frustrated would say.

What happens if someone does not hand a score card in after a poor score, they stop in some rare cases themselves being graded down. That wont really bother any one if they stay up.
Its only when shooters that some perceive as being in too low a grade "drop" that the keyboards start tapping !
Some one has a good day but does not want to go up so they don't hand a card in, never personally heard or seen that happen.

Still, gives the warriors something to do lol
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