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I feel an edit of Downfall coming on

It's all good. We run a 10,9,8,7,6 etc scoring in CSFTA for the team positions. The positions are calculated from targets hit +1 for A, +2 for B, +3 for C, and top score also gets +1. 3 to make up a team, best 3 scores (inc handicap bonus to win).

I think it means that the team isn't all about AA, but that shooters in other grades can get a day in the sunshine as well, and there's no pressure to perform.

If you look to the page here you can hit the tabs at the bottom for the team scores. CGC are languishing due to only having 2 shooters this year, when we had 3, we kicked the big boys off the top spot for the day.

That's why I think the handicap system works, it's not about who goes, it's about how many, and i'd rather see comps full to the brim than worry about who wins what... (that's so much easier to say now i have the title under my belt ... hmm, where is that silver polish? )
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