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Originally Posted by avfc1982 View Post
George seriously go and speak to people at the club, again i dont think the HW100 (whilst a decent gun) is the right tool for FT.
Maybe not for winning the GP series or being in with a shout at the Worlds but a HW100 in a custom stock got me from C up into AA a few years back.

Barrel = up there with the best
Powerplant = consistent, regulated. Out of the box it is quite temp sensitive and needs degreasing. Also has AT (all bar early ones or modified ones) so limited for adjustment.
Trigger = very good. Ideally would have an adjustable blade (available aftermarket)
Stock = not good for FT. Add-on hamster & adjustable bits or custom stock needed.

Granted if you were buying one and then shelling out for a stock you'd probably be better off just getting a dedicated FT rifle but the HW100 is capable enough.
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