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Originally Posted by what barn door View Post
To be honest when I first came back to air rifles I bought several magazines and even subscribed to one, it took me several months to notice that everything reviewed was fantastic and was reccomended by the editor or the reviewer.

If you think about it the magazines have to balance their interests between manufacturers and shops using the advertising space to create revenue and then the readers also creating revenue.

This results in reviews which are basicly a watse of your time reading it. If you want an honest opinion you have come to the right place, the people on here are great and will often go out of their way to help.

Often second hand equipment can be a better bargain than new if the budget is a bit tight, good luck with your search.
Yep take a review of X item be it a car, washing machine whatever and the reviewer will always twist it so that nothing bad or good is levelled at the items on show, so essentially you have a couple of pages of worthless drivel.
You can learn more in five minutes talking to a group of active shooters than ten years worth of magazine reviews.
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