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Originally Posted by georgeft View Post
i'm new to the field target scene without doing any research I bought a .22 riffle instead of a .177 what are my chances of doing well
If you were asking this in 1984 then the answer would be reasonably well as a long target was 35yds and you needed the extra punch of a .22 to knock the targets over as they were pretty rank.

Roll on a couple of years and a few people started using .177 with more efficient targets that needed less to knock them over and that was it for .22 on the FT scene at least at 12fpe.

There are a few people in HFT who like to use .22 just to give themselves extra challenge but universally for FT/HFT everyone uses .177 as it has a flatter trajectory and it's easier on the scope adjustment.

As a few people have said, if you're serious about getting into FT, get along to a Club and see what's being used there and it will open your eyes a bit.
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