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Don't need to hit more targets, shoot less, just shoot winter league... it will take you up anyway.

Remembering you can't go up from AA, and that some of the last shoot dates are wrong so the move to ungraded A is guessed, which isn't going up, and removing those who were in A by default

As predicted...

CSFTA 6 up 1 down

FFTA 11 up 5 down

MFTA 15 up 4 down

NEFTA 16 up 6 down

NWFTA 3 up 1 down

SARPA 1 up 1 down

SEFTA 13 up 2 down

SWEFTA 2 up 0 down

WAFTA 3 up 3 down

If predictions follow suit, one of our grade champions will finish with a higher % than the champ from the grade above, yet will still end up a grade below him for summer, despite them both going up a grade.

If you are allowed to junk your worst score, that must be reflected in junking your best scores, otherwise you are biasing whatever average method is used upwards.

As grade is supposed to be a prediction for the next league to try and get shooters of the same performance shooting together as much as possible, it would make sense for it to use a system that actually promotes that. Because all these promotions are based around only the strongest shooters of the region, who may not even compete in a GP, or who does but no where near the % they do in winter league, it means those that that do move up, are likely to move up against far stiffer competition than they were used to in winter league.

And come GP series, the trend will be the other way.

So the short answer is shoot winter leagues only. If you can travel, pick a soft region and keep doing those. If you avoid the big shooters, or dump your card when you come up against them, your grade will soar.
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