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Originally Posted by Dave Ramshead View Post
Why not have a change to try and make the image of the sport more appealing to a wider audience?

If anyone had noticed, the average age of competitive outdoor target shooters seems to be getting older, having done it years ago, then come back for a few rounds every now and then its more obvious. There seems to be much less younger shooters coming into the sport now than say the early 90s.

If a sport carries on that way, it will die along with the older folks who don't like or want change.

Whether you believe it or not, rebranding and image change works. Remember when Skoda and (Datsun) Nissan were jokes of the car world? A different story now.

If it wasn't for change and progress, people would still have to use those horrible recoiling guns, now how rubbish would that be!

Well done to the people driving the change.

PS, it may be time to ditch animal shaped targets too........but maybe that's a step too far.
Many thanks Dave,

Appreciate the support, we are aware the change isn't popular with everyone, change never is. But we believe we're doing it for the right reasons so wont stop now we've finally started.

I was thinking about the 'animal shaped' targets issue too recently and will try to take it forward now someone else has mentioned it, if its well received its all my idea, if it bombs its all yours!

Thanks again,

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