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Originally Posted by Air Armed View Post
Thanks for your input Neil, I'll pass your comments along where I've no doubt it will be filed somewhere important.

The new logo is the beginning of the rebranding of the BFTA along with a website update and generally a more professional looking organisation front of house.

It's not expected to re-invent the wheel and that's not the intention. It was felt that new impetus was required to return the BFTA to a level above if not at the very least equal to our European colleagues. A lot of thought went into it, as well as a great deal of debate. The decision wasn't taken lightly, however, it WAS taken. Your region was one of the first to vote in favour I might add.

I/We appreciate some people don't like change, unfortunately, change in some form is inevitable in everything we do.

We'd also like some support from everyone, then again, I'd also like 6 numbers for next weeks lottery.

If you do like what we're trying to do, that's excellent, thanks very much. if you don't, please bare with us and try to open your mind a little, it's not going to effect your opportunity to shoot or even interfere with it but I can guarantee we won't be going backwards from where we are now.

I'll leave it there, you're probably already typing your next argument point anyway, which, I'm afraid is a complete waste of time, I've moved on to the next part of the rebranding!


A keyboard warrior in a position of authority, I'm sure the rebrand will go far with you at the helm.
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