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Originally Posted by Gcos View Post

Just a couple of points to add to this.
The new look logo to me looks very retro, but not retro chic.
With regard to jumping on to the back of Team GB with the colours etc , what a load of old twaddle ( or have they got the Adidas logo on them as well and they have not told us about that). Can you name me any shoot when the BFTA had a team shooting or will have a team shooting in the new or old logo and colours.
I think a lot more thought should have been put into general dress code of competitors . Certain words come to mind but , but I will let that pass.
I think you may have misunderstood or maybe I wasn't clear enough but I was talking about the brand values and colours of Team GB, something that is universal acknowledge and had millions spent on it, it's exactly those brand values and that level of professionalism I'd like to project for the sport going forward, I think we deserve it. While you may hold the opinion that it's all twaddle, just remember you typed that on a branded computer on a branded sofa with a branded TV playing in the background.
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