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I must admit I prefer mechanical triggers to electrical switches, however the Daystate mk 3 d/lux does the job ok! Bit boring, nothing to write home about,but you can shoot all day, fitting pellet on pellet.At the end of a session not much to remember it,but it is very competitive.I put the rifle into a panther stock Dave Welham milled out to fit and it is now very easy to shoot standers and kneelers as is the Platinum stock,.Not much difference in style and the handling is very similisr.
So are the FTP900,GC2 and HW77, all have a snap on trigger release and enjoyable ;probably the mach1 trigger on the HW77 is the most enjoyable and fun to shoot.
The question is do you want results in competition or taken to Nirvana when you shoot.. Can you have both? The HW77 comes close.
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