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Default Emley moor, Shooting club welcomes MP

Emley moor, Shooting club welcomes MP

I may be late on this one but great work!

Also this Chris Evans story is positive for shooting too!

LOCAL MP, Angela Smith, recently saw for herself the commitment and responsible nature of target shooting clubs when she visited Emley Moor Target Shooting Club, just outside Barnsley.
The club, which specialises in target shooting, is used regularly by over 200 local members.
During her time there Angela was given a guided tour of the facility and informed of the safety precautions they take to make sure their sport is safe for everyone.
Angela was particularly impressed by their desire to see the law strengthened in relation to air guns, making sure these dangerous weapons do not fall into the wrong hands.
She was also told of the group’s impeccable safety record and the rules that make sure no one is put in danger while using the facility.
Commenting, Angela said: “Visiting Emley Moor target Shooting Club was an enlightening experience.
“It was a pleasure to see how this group takes seriously its responsibilities. Not only do they make the area a safe environment for everyone, they make sure all individuals take safety seriously.
“I would agree with them that while strengthening of the law can sometimes be welcome, England should not follow the lead of Scotland and propose to ban the use of air guns all together.
“In the right hands and used responsibly the sport can be a rewarding one which people can enjoy and a total ban on air guns would only drive their use underground.
“I was particularly pleased, for instance, to hear that anyone found by the club misusing an air rifle by, for instance, shooting wildlife, will be asked to leave the club.
Commenting on behalf of the club, Ivan Burrows said: “It was great having Angela with us and seeing for herself the commitment of those partaking in a sport not known by most of the public.
“I am personally very concerned about the future of field target shooting with the Scottish Parliament proposing to put a blanket ban on air powered weapons north of the border.
“If such a proposal was adopted in England there would be job loses and many people would be curtailed from carrying out a sport they enjoy and it could be forced underground with all the dangers that might entail.
“We all agree that today’s air weapons are far cry from those of years ago and that better control is required but to ban them altogether would be a travesty.”

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