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Originally Posted by slippschnitz View Post
Although the auto dop adjustment for incline and temp is too much.

I assume, that first you have to input your values for incline and temp adjustments. Thats quite a bit of work to do, so if you capable of doing that, you are alredy near top tier shooters.
What is worrying me, is feature that that digital side wheel is counting shots and put distances in memory. With modern wireless technology it is one step from translating all data about targets (distance, incline, wind and even navigation data) to all shooters who are willing to recieve that.
So, i guess, it is good thing, that digital side wheel is banned at WFTC, and i hope it will stay so.
Electronic display of distance in small wheel? Yeah, i like it. Termometer? Sure, i'm in! Timer? Plz take my money! This thing can not measure speed of my pellets, well, thats pity, but i bet it will, in future. These are all very useful features, but bein electrical black box, noone but the owner can say what it is capable of.
Ballistic should remain analog, imho.
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