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I have just got a 4.48mm sizer (from UK Neil). I had been weighing JSB expresses (7-78-7.89gn range). As well as this I also have just floated the barrel on my walther.
Anyway, the sized pellets did drop the fps down about 8fps on average and the POI at 55yds had about a 3/8" drop. However once id re-adjusted my elevation clicks i achieved some very very tight groupings (albeit off a bench rest). These groupings at this distance gave me a lot of confidence. I continued getting extremely good groupings as I brought the target in closer.
I have now put the elevation clicks into the "real World Clicks" software programme and will now carry out a test at any distance not already confirmed in practice.
So as far as Im concerned I think sizing pellets for my walther works.
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