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Originally Posted by mikewills8904 View Post
i dont hide nothing from the misses ,
she dont care what i spend .infact she is paying for me to go to hungary as a present for the worlds

i am lucky that she is very understanding and we both work hard so why not treat ourselves

she was a bit upset i told her i was shooting on valentines day mind

so i offerd to take her with me
Mines the same , she's sport mad Triathlons ! She spent more on some pedals than i spent on my first gun !

I don't work hard to be richest man in the cemetary !

Get some wise crack comments from work though ' What you shoot tin chickens with a pop gun ' ! & they pay Premiership players wages by going to shout at them ! Little do the know how the sacred tin chicken draws you in !

So i spend what i like F**k it !

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