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Gary Chillingworth Sunday
Alex Larkin Sunday
Matt Rawlings and Wayne Pearce Sunday second session first wave
Geoff Ryder Sunday
Stu Tennant Sun
Don Vickers Sun
Mike Seagrave Sun
Kev Catt Sun
Nick Byrne Sun
Greg Hensman Sun
Dave Benyon 1st half
Ed Tandi
David Nicholls - pm
Clive Evans
Steve Handby
Casey Handby

Ash Baily Any
Andrew Burgess Any
Steve MacFarlane any
Lewis Hodges Any
Chris Brunton
Charles Peal
Andy Dickson


Greg Morse Monday
Simon Vant Monday
Dave Ramshead 1st half
James Hesson
Colin Wilson
Mark Thompson
Kathy Thompson
Nigel Smith
Somehow I made TEAM ENGLAND 2012 and 2013

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