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Originally Posted by C.Eaton View Post
Worst scope I had for temp shift was an early EFR 10-40 where it if it got hot it focussed to 45yds then just didn't move so you had to guess.
Ahhh yes the EFR. I had a very confusing and poor shoot at the old Southampton Buccaneers ground, using an EFR on top of a FWB P70FT on a hot sunny day. My son easily outshot me with his S300 / Custom Shop combo.

My old 20-50 moved very little in the cold and not at all in the hot. My present one is a little more temperature sensitive. My Sightron SIIIFT seems very stable in the cold, if we get any worthwhile heat this summer I will find out what it is like when things warm up.

Five different pointers on a 2,500 scope, hmmmm.
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