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Right so.

I have looked into this and using a travel company seems the easiest thing to do BUT the most expensive. It is 309 quid using the travel company and lots cheaper to book it yourself . So to this end I suggest you guys book your own flights and once you have done this put your name down to say that you have booked it then depending on numbers we will book a coach the other end . There is not point booking a coach for three people so we will need numbers . I know the flights now are cheap as chips . Don't forget that you will need to pay extra for your gun , I think its 78 quid to fly it and you pay at the check in desk . Ian , Ray and myself will be taking the 10.15 LOT Polish Airways from Heathrow on the 08/09 and returning on the 12/09. If you lot want to book the same flight then we can get a good few going and we then , as said will book a coach the other end as this is the most cost effective way to do it . Its much much cheaper this way . I know the travel company is easier but this is far far cheaper .

So , your thoughts please ??

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