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Default 10-60 March temp shift

I have been using one for a little over a year and it does shift a similar amount to what Rob indicated with his 5 virtual colored pointers. My 10-60 shifts more progressively than Rob's as temps change. I have a temperature strip on the Steyr aluminum stock and Andras' adjustable pointer setup on the scope. Over time I have figured out how to adjust the pointer based on the temp strip.

I also have a an 8-80 but have not spent too much time with it. It appears more stable than the 10-60 in the short time I have shot with it. My eyes do like the 10-60 better than the 8-80.

I have a Sightron 10-50 MOA as well and it temp shifts less than the March 10-60. Good scope but does not match the 10-60 when it is dark or when the sun is behind the target.
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