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Just to muddy the water, the 8-80 is an entirely different beast altogether.

And put it like this, I had to travel to Spain and bake it in 40 degree heat without my glasses n bag to find my first shift in temperature!

I've seen it move twice (possibly three times) in the UK and Irish climate and that's since I bought it in 2011.

To those that say their scopes don't shift, can I ask them the question.

Is your side wheel left on your scope all year round and in the same position and you don't move your pointers? My side wheel is in same place as when I marked it up originally when I bought it. The same marks are on my wheel from the day I set it up.

Mine is the 80X with the 34mm tube, it appears to react differently to the 30mm tube on the 10-60.

I paid full price for mine BTW, that's because I'd never won anything before I got it
I designed them a reticle (specifically for FT) and they installed it free of charge for me (DEON) that's for those who think they sponsor me. They don't!

There are 5 FT shooters in Ireland, 4 of which have the MarchX 8-80. 3 silver and mine in black. I've also used the latest MarchX 8-80 demo that Gary Costello gave me to try. Every single one has been identical optically and parallax (but mine is the best LOL).
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