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Default New BFTA Logo & Branding

Hi Everyone,

I've been looking at this blank post for a while, wondering what to write but some history first.

For about 1.5yrs I've been working away in the background on branding ideas for the BFTA with Rob, Shaun and other committee members, it's been a long journey and one where if I'm honest I nearly gave up on.

I've had a lot of help from everyone with my shooting so I decided it was time to have a pop at putting something back into the sport plus it has always annoyed me that other countries look so much better than us and we invented the sport

This for me isn’t change for changes sake, it’s really about understand what we look like and how we present ourselves, for me that’s a professional sport. I've always wanted us to compete with the likes of Team GB, Nike and Adidas because I know for a fact we have the skills within the BFTA to make us look like that, this in turn makes us more attractive to sponsors and the general public, I know from running the PJBRC site just how difficult that is but looking the part and reporting back will help push the sport forward and that is all I've ever wanted to do.

OK, that's my bit over. The BFTA Committee have been voting over the changes for the last month, that vote end with a 6-3 vote for the changes to be made.

Below are just some of the examples of the branding, I hope you can get behind the changes and help us all push the sport forward together.

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