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Originally Posted by avfc1982 View Post
Not sure of the relevance but congrats on your achievements with the March. At no time did i suggest the March was useless, i know it is a quality optic. My point was that the OP asked for info regarding temp shift. I was interested in your reply having recently been in the market for an additional scope myself. Having read your first reply it was my personal opinion that for such a quality item with a top end price tag the temp shift affect was astonishing. I did not expect this.
I fully understand that if you have a scope that shifts with temp or a rifle that shoots low in cold weather etc its not a problem as long as you know these traits and make the required adjustments for them. I think you will also see that Brian Sampson was also surprised by your original findings but i didn't see you reply to his post in the same manner that you replied to mine.
You will also note that i commented on Jons post because what he said dint make any sense either "just dial what the scope says and shoot" surely if his scope reacts to temperature change in anyway like yours this will equate to a miss? That is unless Jon's March is not affected by temperature at all which may mean that buying a March becomes a lottery as to weather you get a good one or a not so good one temperature wise?
Well either i am wrong or it's useless... ? But there's actually other possibilities. I may be right and it's not useless, i may be wrong and it is useless... but given that i've worked with 3 out of the 4 shift points for the last 6 years and it seems to have helped, i'd say it's not wrong or useless for what i'm using it for and how im using it.

The S&B's FT & PMII appear to do it, some say the latter doesn't, the Leupold Competition and 20-50's appear to do it yet some say they dont, the Nikkos appear to do it but some say they dont, etc... I couldn't do that research with mine, because it was the first one used for FT ever (Dephinus may have looked into one before but couldnt get PA below 25yds), so hence everything i've posted is found as and when i've found it and been asked. I may be wrong, others may be different, it is after all 6 years since i've had mine. I am still learning a scope, because as said, down here we don't get ambient sitting at zero for long, not long enough to test a scope by often. So apologies for adding 2mm of shift around the wheel sub 8 degrees, but the rest has all been known for a long time. It's 101 scope knowledge. Someone that has been in the sport beforehand will know this.

Brian is probably surprised by my mistake typing... not the shift. Because we have actually spoken before about the shift, because he knows I have one and asked me my opinion on it. So i doubt he's shocked by an additional 2mm.

Neils doesn't move as much.

Jon is saying his aimpoint matches his ranging. That doesn't mean the scope isn't shifting, that may mean the gun is shifting as well. That's not that uncommon. I've known rigs that in the cold over range but the speed of the gun drops, so the two almost cancel it out. My walther used to move 1/4MOA per degree at 55yds before the valve material was swapped. I also know a leup comp shooter who was over ranging by 5 yards but hitting targets. It's not uncommon.

Buy a sightron. AIM have been told by someone they don't shift. I don't know if that's the same as they don't shift, or the person who said that hasn't seen shift. Or that the person who said that just read it on the internet somewhere.
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