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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
This is still the very same scope that i used to win the Shires 100, the Essex 50, the BFTA Showdown (as well as CSFTA and SWEFTA in the same year) and Showdown Plate, one or two Swefta summer leagues (i can't remember what scope i had on the first time), a BFTA Grand prix AA 1st, 1st equal, 2nd, and 3rd.

So I guess I must be wrong. I just imagined ranging a target at 60yds at the weekend and then getting it cold and doing a test 2 days later and made it up for kicks.

Just because a scope shifts outside of 10-26 degrees doesn't make it useless. Have a word with James Osborne about the S&B... the scope that by many accounts moves by the degree. He still won a Grand Prix series with it, without doubt the hardest FT title to win in the world.

This is one of the reasons why I never suggest a relative novice shooter doesn't go out and buy an expensive scope, because there's so much more to the FT equation than just one characteristic of one bit of kit, and unless you know what area you are looking for improvement in, you may end up with something the same, or some new problems to contend with.
Not sure of the relevance but congrats on your achievements with the March. At no time did i suggest the March was useless, i know it is a quality optic. My point was that the OP asked for info regarding temp shift. I was interested in your reply having recently been in the market for an additional scope myself. Having read your first reply it was my personal opinion that for such a quality item with a top end price tag the temp shift affect was astonishing. I did not expect this.
I fully understand that if you have a scope that shifts with temp or a rifle that shoots low in cold weather etc its not a problem as long as you know these traits and make the required adjustments for them. I think you will also see that Brian Sampson was also surprised by your original findings but i didn't see you reply to his post in the same manner that you replied to mine.
You will also note that i commented on Jons post because what he said dint make any sense either "just dial what the scope says and shoot" surely if his scope reacts to temperature change in anyway like yours this will equate to a miss? That is unless Jon's March is not affected by temperature at all which may mean that buying a March becomes a lottery as to weather you get a good one or a not so good one temperature wise?
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