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Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
All the top shooters in the UK already own a gun that can do the business...its standers that separates the top shots not paraphernalia and go faster stripes, I've no doubt its a well engineered peace of kit but it wont take the top boys to a new level...there already there...for wot its worth I've shot one of jons feinwerkbau 800s side by side with my nick murphy tuned ev2 and my gun was more accurate by quite a way and moved less on the shot..could of been pellets in the difference in group sizes...? If I was in the market for a 3 grand gun it would be the fen 800 though.��
I tried it for standing at the show and it's balance is perfect for standing shots, more so than any other rifle I've tried including a JH 800X.
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