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Dunno. In that case Rowan must know if they've talked direct to the WFTF and know what they need to do surely?

But the rules do not specify the level must be analogue and there's been digital levels before. There are rules which state certain items must be analogue though but a level isn't one. I know someone asked the EFTA their opinion if they should fit one, or some of the Rowan ads features to a scope and I suggested that might not be good if it was ever ruled out...but that it was impossible to predict what rules would be in or out... but digital levels have been used before and there is nothing that specifies they have to be analogue.

My guess is that it's the combination of features which can do some compensation and on the shot analysis that could give advantage over an analogue tool set. You can have an inclinometer but you have to make the adjustments yourself. Same with a thermometer and a bubble. That and there's no way of checking someone hasn't put a banned feature back on again around the course without having intimate knowledge of the device.

As I said before I think it is much more valuable as a training aid and datalogger. Without the screen it's something small that could be on the gun which records stat which you can and analyse and compare against the real world later.
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