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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Can you clarify that Rob please.

So from what you're saying - between 14-26 indicated on the temp strips - it's ranging on the money (I'll call that the normal temp range)

Below 14 degrees the shift is about 4mm on the wheel - and it's over ranging
Above 26 degrees the shift is about 4mm the other way and it's under ranging.

Is that about what you said?

Does that still agree with what you said earlier when you said the shift happens like a switch? it sounded more gradual than a switch when you described it in your last post.

How is the gap between 50-55 yards 55mm? - that confused me? Are you saying that the 50-55 gap in the normal temp range is 47mm, and you're adding on 4mm either side for the shift making 55mm? 47mm seems like a fecking huge gap between 50/55
Sorry double tapped the 5.

It's about 5mm. Ill see if I can measure it this morning.

I think the shift range is wider say 11-26. In the heat it's about 1-2 degrees at the mid point then she's gone the full 4mm. In the cold it seems about the same 1-2 perhaps wider 2-3 and she's gone about the same distance. It goes quick, slower in cold and it's slower to come back up.

I'll do a pick. Rest easy it's not as mad as it seems
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