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Originally Posted by john0neuk View Post
Cheers Brian

Noted height important - length from muzzle to scope saddle not so.

After a bit of a mare this weekend at East Devon - I have decided to invest the time to set up my comp set up properly so - upcoming chrono session, scope reposition by centering scope on Optical centre - using adjustable mounts . use CG to get a rough estimate re clicks then time on the range ranging accurately. Will be doing out doors on a nice still day (if we ever get one) - Just want to get out of my head that the kit is the issue (when I know its the driver), gain some confidence and so improve my comp results throughout the year. Can't get much worse!!
Ah, if you're just using it to get you somewhere near - go with measuring centre of scope to centre of bore. It won't be a million miles out. It'll be out, but that doesn't matter if it's just a starting point for checking it on the range.
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