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Default Hi there

Well hello,

Just an intro to get me started.

I'm Nic, i'm not an alcoholic.
I've been shooting at the local club since June2016, The Wellington Club in Skipton.
I started partly as some stress therapy, no not to shoot the crap out of targets, more to learn to steady myself, concentrate, control ragged nerves, and breath steadier. I also appreciate the engineering and design that goes into the guns.

I started with a .22 HW100KT mounted with a Nikko Sterling Panorama scope. Nice combination and I got respectable results. The gun was second hand but only 6 months old and a darned good deal.
I had a go with another members HW77 and found it rather satisfying shooting the springer, the thump from the spring has a certain appeal. So then i bought one in Forest Green laminate, not happy with it being tail heavy I fitted it with a moderator. A lot better balanced if a bit heavy, i was disappointed by how unrefined it is as a new rifle. I still persevere though and find it's settling down nicely and i still love it.
I like to try something different, something not a lot of oeople have a go at so my next purchase we the Hatsan Galatian 1. You get good value for money with this gun, i like its features and it shoots spot on. It is heavy but I find that's easier to keep steady and it's very consistent.
I've had a hankering for something different recently and found i prefered the dynamics of .177 shooting from my HW77 and Hatsan. So i did a bit of exploring, finally settling on a Hammerli AR20-FT, I traded the HW100 for it but swapped my NS scope onto it in favour of the horrible old Hawke it had with it. I realise this isn't a full FT setup but i like the scope and it allows me to get used to the gun and have a bit of fun at the same time. The gun was second hand and i found it was leaking, a revisit to Blackpool Air Rifles and we found a seal in the regulator had broken down. Probably age and lack of use contributed to it, fixed now it is simply a delight to use. I'll research sidewheel scopes before committing money to one, that's partly why i've joined up here.

I'm used to membership of forums, my other hobby involves sportscars and i was chairman of a national car club for 4 years and administrator of the forum. A shame i can't see the sales section but i completely understand the logic behind the limiting access to it, the same issues happen in every club forum believe me.

Anyway that's enough waffle from me for now, i have plenty of reading to do.
Amateur learning and enjoying
Tools in the chest;
Hammerli AR-20FT custom
Weirauch HW77 moderated
Hatsan Galatian 1
Walther CP99
All in .177
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