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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
I wouldn't call a cricket bat art!

At least if you want to be sold a pup you have some choice!

Choosing between this or the Galah would be like choosing between the Nissan Cube or Kia Soul, a decision you hope you never have to make!!
With you 100%

As I said each to their own - I will never spend >1k on either of Daystates bull-pups.

Would defo buy the cricket bat for hunting though, they're like the Landrover Defender of air-rifles ... perhaps I am just getting old, as I loved my MK4iS

Originally Posted by SteveC200 View Post
Its basically a Pulsar but without all the electronics so not really anything to get excited about.
Thanks. I didn't really read in-depth details of either, as they're just not for me - the grip looks like its taken straight from the toy M16 I had in the late 70's and [due to the bull-pup design] the rail is too far above the barrel for my liking.

Obviously others have differing perspectives (my walther is no looker, but thats not why I shoot it)
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