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This is for FT, in the SWEFTA region.

Your score on the day is expressed as a percentage of the highest score achieved that day. If someone scored 40 and I scored 30 I would get 75 percent.

That 75 is recorded against my name for that round. Each successive round (and there are nine) the new percent is recorded as well. After nine rounds the top six results are added up and the person with the highest total is the league winner. Next highest is second and so on. This is done for all four grades.

To calculate the club position (not the individual) the top three scores for each club are added up at the end of the shoot. The club with the highest total at that shoot gets 18 club points, the next in line gets 16 points, third gets 14 points and so on, until the lowest club on that day gets 2 points. There are also bonus points for the club, IF they have a B grade or C grade shooter figuring in their top three scores, one point per instance.

Example; the club with the highest top 3 gets 18 points; the club with the next highest gets 16 points but if two of their three scores have been put in by B graders they get 2 bonus points bringing them up to 18. We've done this to stop the league club trophy being a runaway win for the club with the most AA shooters.

After nine rounds the club with greatest tally of points (all nine count) is the champion.
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