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Originally Posted by Steve Bowers View Post
Hi there, if I only shot FT then I could manage without mil dots although I, like many others may dial for the ranges 35 + but for short ranges 10 to 15 I find it easier to use the mil dots.
As it is I'm one of those shooters who like to shoot HFT or FT and even do SFT if the mood takes me so the mil dots would give me the best of both worlds.

I can see your point!Then the 8x24-40 might suit you, it has mildots and backs up as a good HFT scope,enabling 8 to 55 definition and good sharpness and clarity when parallaxed around 20yds and zeroed at 35yds.I use both and found the 24x worked well in FT before I bought the 8x32-40 from Dave Brayfield and now use in my FT rig instead
Probably not as good as the 32x at ranging but not that much off.
As far as HFT goes I am used to shooting a duplex reticle on my Zeiss and do not have much trouble subtending the reticle bars for close and distance poi spots, its not that difficult!.
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