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Originally Posted by skires View Post
Cheers Bri.

There was a sling epic recently. That's probably what Shaun was talking about. Some guy seemed very keen on being able to unclip the sling from his rifle.

So ( WFTF and BFTA ) ... if you had a sling attached to a handstop at the front ... and you clipped the other end to an arm band around your bicep for kneelers ... you could unclip the extreme end from your arm band and then clip it to an attachment point under the butt whilst you shot the freestyle/standers ... so it wasn't dangling from the front ... or save having it hung over the butt area. It would be attached at all times to the rifle?
That will probably be me then.....

My point was that a target sling is used attached to the upper arm at all times and only attached to the rifle when needed.
This is how a target sling is used and if you look at your gimp coat, the little metal clip up near your bicep on your left arm is called a sling keeper, it's designed to hold the sling high up on the arm to make the sling triangle as efficient as possible.
For some strange reason some people get all cranky about a target sling being used correctly for FT and regard any use of a sling for steadying the aim with suspicion for some strange reason.

For instance the maximum fixing points of a sling, why exactly is it specifically limited to two?
There are other slings out there that use three points of attachment, i.e. the ching sling. This is a good alternative to the single-point or target sling and yet it seems certain people want slings to be limited to carrying and that's it?
Still after the ongoing debate about the kneeling position I guess there has to be something to keep people amused when they're not shooting.
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