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Originally Posted by SteveC200 View Post
Ah, ok. It could probably do with rewriting then as Im not alone in thinking that paragraph is purely about stocks.

17c was the rule that disappeared but was still referred to elsewhere in the rules wasnt it?
FT's an odd sport really - the rules aren't defined to the nth degree in writing, a lot of them are based on a general understanding of what's fair and a bit of peer pressure. They don't fully define the sport, and you only tend to see a new rule appearing when someone has tried to exploit the nature of the rules.

So that rule probably won't get clarified until someone does something to exploit it and refuses to stop exploiting it even after everyone on the course and their region has taken to p out of them for being a cheating ****.

That's my understanding though and it seems fair to me - you can't go around adding and taking away stuff from your gun to suit the lane you're shooting. There's leeway in that based on common sense and good sportsmanship though.
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