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Originally Posted by Brameldballistics View Post
I'm quite keen to try a single point sling in FT, why would all other shooting disciplines use one if they don't offer any benefits. The only reason I'm put off practicing with one at the minute is all the posts saying they have to be attached to rifle at all times. I think it's people who don't use them, trying to stop there use.
FT is different to other shooting sports. We don't shoot on level ground and we don't shoot at targets that are at a set distance and height. You will need to overcome this difference if you use a sling.

A big part of FT is that it promotes innovation, which is one of the reasons that the rules have some leeway in them and aren't as rigid as some other shooting disciplines. However, whenever possible an innovation that gives an advantage should come with a cost attached.

So for example, if a sling gives you an advantage in the kneeling and standing position, the 'cost' of that advantage for positional lanes is that you need to also leave the sling attached for non-positionals as well.

You can't reconfigure your rifle by adding things and taking them away depending on the lane, you can adjust things, but not add or remove. It's not a conspiracy against people wishing to use a sling, it applies to all rifle add-ons. For example you can't add or remove weights to your rifle or close focus adapter lenses etc during a competition either.
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